Física o Química – Personal ID for KS4

Having to go over some of the topics we did at KS3 but at a more advanced level with my Year 10 I decided to take the Antena 3 TV series “Física o Química” as a starting point. I bought series 1 when in Barcelona but you can get episodes on the Antena 3 website as well as YouTube. The idea is to show some of the programme to get a sense of what it is about. You can then develop a simple thinking skills activity asking the students where they think the series takes place, when, who the people are, etc. You then imagine what some of the characters are like using the PowerPoint. After doing some guess work they then do the worksheet. The extension is to do the slides on the PowerPoint where they have to write what the extra charcters Julio and Ruth are like. They can base this on what they may have seen on the DVD/internet clip or it can be by using their imagination. 

I’m not saying this is high culture, but they get to see inside a Spanish school, albeit a fictional one, and they learn about a popular TV programme at the same time as developing the language of personal identification.

POWERPOINT fisica o quimica  WORKSHEET Una telenovela española FISICA O QUIMICA READING

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