Freetime, Thinking Skills and El Internado

I wanted to add a kinesthetic card activity into the topic of free time as well as something a bit cultural and came up with the attached PowerPoint. The activity is essentially focused on the actor Daniel Retuerta from the Spanish TV series El Internado. If you want to watch some of this programme episodes can be found on the Antena 3 website – . With the first slide you get the class to guess anything about the person shown – age, where he might live, interests, etc. You then give them some information about him. I have made up some details about him. For some reason I decided to say he is from Bilbao rather than Madrid just to raise awareness of other cities. They also have to guess a bit about what the programme is about both before and after watching a clip from the programme. You can read up about the programme at and clips are on You Tube as well as the Antena 3 website. The final slide shows the card activity which is really a reading exercise. I just find some of my groups are better at reading longer texts when I present them in this way in more bitesize chunks. It also means that they really have to look out for the past, present and future references more carefully.


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