Contra el ratón

Last summer a PowerPoint was shared on the mflresources forum where students had to give the language before the mouse crossed the screen. I took the idea and turned the mouse into Speedy Gonzales and added in some music. It makes me laugh every time and my Year 9 loved it. To involve all students you can use mini whiteboards and ask them to write down the answer. The PowerPoint below is on the topic of daily routine, but all you have to do is edit the langauge to fit whatever language you are covering.

POWERPOINT   contra el ratón

2 thoughts on “Contra el ratón

  1. This will make me so popular among my year 5 students. It is amazing, fun, adaptable and relevant. You are a generous geniuos. Muchísimas gracias 🙂

  2. I just love this! It really appeals to my sense of getting a bit of humour in the classroom whilst seriously applying some knowledge. I will adapt and use for SER and some AR verbs on Thursday. Can’t wait. Thank you so much!

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