Teaching parts of the body

I’ve put some ideas for teaching about illness / parts of the body in the PowerPoint below. In it there is an exercise in which you describe some “radioactive monsters” and they have to draw what you describe. You then reveal the picture. Following this is a series of slides showing tatoos or piercings for which they have to give the part of the body (in a full sentence, of course!). The one thing I really like and which went down well with my Year 10 was the video which I found on You Tube. A mother is asking her toddler to point at the parts of the body she says. It’s cute!

POWERPOINT   el cuerpo    CROSSWORD   BODY CROSSWORD (You can download the full PowerPoint from this link on slideshare – http://www.slideshare.net/njones40/la-salud-deporte-y-cuerpo-year-10 )