Las tareas domésticas y el sexismo

The PowerPoint below is to develop work on the language related to chores. The work starts by asking the students to consider how the issue of sexism might appear in the context of chores and then they are asked to list 7 phrases in order of how frequently they are carried out by men in Spain. Slides 4 and 5 provide the answers. The reading task takes this to a European level. Bear in mind that I prepared this work for a low ability group. Next you present the language required to express frequency which is reinforced by a thinking skills activity, albeit a straught forward one as my group require this, in which they have to assign phrases (these are on the worksheet below) to either the man or the woman. I stressed in the lesson that we are talking about how we imagine it to be for older generations in Spain. This is extended further through the Big Brother activities.

POWERPOINT: las tareas domésticas y el sexismo     READING WORKSHEET: Tareas globales     THINKING SKILLS SHEET: THINKING SKILLS chores OLDER GENERATIONS