Shopping and adverts

I am planning some lessons on the topic of shopping. Not my favourite thing to teach and I’m lacking imagination on how to make this more interesting. One thing I’ve come up with so far is a video I have put together a series of adverts representing different shopping sectors. At least there is something of cultural understanding in showing adverts from Spanish-speaking channels. The students simply match the number of the advert to the description on the worksheet.

POWERPOINT     TIENDAS     WORKSHEET (for video)     Anuncios de televisión

VIDEO (anuncios)    

5 thoughts on “Shopping and adverts

  1. I like it! As a MFL kindred spirit, I, too, am often challenged to be creative with the shopping lesson. So, thank you for sharing. I’ve downloaded the worksheet and the PPT. 🙂

  2. Am loving these resources too Neil. Where did you get your adverts – they are great. Are they from Youtube or did you put them together some other way?
    I use Youtube a lot, especially for Spanish songs with lyrics but always have to convert first before am able to show in school.
    Will see if I can access your blog from school next week.

    1. Hi. Thanks for the comment. So little feedback, so it’s nice to hear something positive! I got the adverts on YouTube + just put them together using Windows Movie Maker.

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