The World Cup 2010

I am now starting to plan some activities for language lessons as well as whole achool activities to celebrate this summer’s world cup. If there is anyone interested in sharing materials and ideas please let me know. As a starter I’m putting together some ideas with a colleague for a primary school workshop we are going to run. Kids for our school will teach the sessions after we’ve trained them up. The initial attempt at a PowerPoint is attached. The aim of this session will be to get the students to design a world cup logo for a future England world cup, if our bid is successful for the 2018 competition. The students will, of course, have to describe their logos in Spanish. This PowerPoint is a piece of work in progress and I will add more resources as they are produced.

POWERPOINT world cup 2010

4 thoughts on “The World Cup 2010

  1. What a fantastic idea! i am a new teacher in school where most students taking languages are girls. i would like to try this on our boys to see if they can get motivated to do Spanish. will follow your comments and links. thank you for sharing.

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