El pelo y los ojos – Fernando Torres

When teaching physical descriptions the only way to add an element of culture is to describe a famous person from the target language community. I chose Fernando Torres given that the World Cup is coming and introducing him now to my Year 7 group will allow me to keep returning to him as we move into further topics. During the World Cup I will want to do lots more focusing on the Spanish team. In the meantime, the PowerPoint shows Torres with different hair styles and eye colours. In introducing Torres I am going to show the NIKE advert below to show how he plays for Liverpool and I want to introduce the word “el niño” to the group (Torres’ nickname).

POWERPOINT     el pelo y los ojos F TORRES

5 thoughts on “El pelo y los ojos – Fernando Torres

  1. Thank you very much for sharing this enjoyable presentation with us. It is amazing! It certainly presents the topic of eyes and hair with a twist!

  2. Thank you for sharing this PPT. It’s a great instructional piece. I wish more people used PPT for this kind of lesson, and not just text-based presentation. I’ve tweeted a link to your page from @katiepalacios – muy bien hecho – muchas gracias!

    1. Thanks! It’s great to get some feedback ’cause you start to wonder whether it is worth doing this kind of blog. As for the PowerPoint, I really like using pictures – you can get so much out of them + it ensures an element of cultural understanding in your lessons, which has become a slight obsession of mine!

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