Flug lamað annan daginn í röð + volcanos in French

Flights cancelled all over northern Europe due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland has drawn attention to plate tectonics and will be providing geography teachers with some excellent footage to illustrate how volcanos occur. At my previous school we taught a unit for many years on volcanos in Iceland. The resources are attached below. We taught this as part of a Content and Language Integrated Learning programme (CLIL). This topic area could also be addressed when looking at town and country or environment and La Réunion is a francophone focus for such work in French. One of the worksheets below is based on the French TV programme “C’est Pas Sorcier-volcans, séismes et tout le tremblement” which can be bought on Amazon.fr.

WORKSHEETS    c est pas sorcier Islande Introduction     c est pas sorcier VIDEO WORKSHEET higher     C est Pas Sorcier LA REUNION     La Réunion BACKGROUND

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