Transport in Spanish with a song and some culture

As part of the quest to get some culture into lessons a colleague, Irene, suggested using a song by Los Mismos called El Puente as part of work on transport in Spanish. She suggested that we should make a video and use this as part of a lesson. The results of our work are attached. I like the fact that it has “tengo miedo” in the lyrics provding an opportunity to explore phrases that take “tener“. This will be used with a Year 7 group who have encountered “tengo ….. años“, but who also know that “tengo” means “I have“. The song can be played from YouTube but is also available from the iTunes store. There is some interesting language in the song, not all of which I will exploit with a Year 7 group. The attached PowerPoint is to be used to present the main vocabulary.

POWERPOINT     Los Mismos Puente a Mallorca

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