El año pasado fui a la fiesta de San Fermín

When teaching the topic of holidays I’m a big fan of adding in the festival of San Fermín. I bring it in after presenting the language for what people did on holiday. That kind of language can be empty of culture, so I then contextualise it by saying what I did when I went to the festival of San Fermín. So many verbs can be used – fui, vi, bailé, visité, comí, bebí, etc. The big thing is to present all the different aspects of the festival, which is a big job as there are so many different things that happen. The PowerPoint below presents them, but if you are unaware of what they are you can read up at www.sanfermin.com/index.php/es/la-fiesta . I follow this up with a few further activities to consolidate the language and this leads towards an extended piece of writing which the students usually present in the form of posters adding in pictures representing the different aspects of the festival they saw in their description of the imaginary trip to Pamplona. There is also a thinking skills reading activity in there. This is cut into small cards + the students decide whether Antonio is for or against the festival in Pamplona, which is very much the debate amongst my friends who live there. ¡Viva San Fermín! Gora San Fermín!

POWERPOINT   San Fermín PRESENTACION DE VOCABULARIO     CROSSWORD   la fiesta de San Fermín CROSSWORD     READING     la fiesta de San Fermín READING     READING (leading to writing)   READING La fiesta de San Fermín goes with the writing frame     WRITING    writing frame LA FIESTA DE SAN FERMIN     THINKING SKILLS     THINKING SKILLS ACTIVITY card activity

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