Year 7 revision – Alejandro Sanz y Shakira

This is a bit repetitive as an activity – I’ve already posted something similar – but I like this kind of thing. It’s the activity where students have to match phrases to the person they think would be most likely to say them. This is a thinking skills activity in essence, although there is not so much supposition required in this example as most things can be worked out easily as they are based on physical dsecription. However, phrases like “No tengo muchos fans en Inglaterra” does involve some thought. The thing I love about this kind of activity is that it brings in a bit of culture and they are relatively easy to make. I was going to use a picture of los príncipes de Asturias , but decided to go for something a bit more familiar.

POWERPOINT    Thinking skills MATCH TO PICTURE     WORKSHEET    WORKSHEET Match to correct person

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