Hotels and culture

Teaching the language associated with booking accommodation can be void of culture. There is some important high frequency language to be taught and there can be opportunties to add in some creative outcomes as well as cultural understanding. In teaching French you can take a look at l’hôtel de glace in Québec and get students to come up with the sorts of facilities you would expect there and then compare with what they actually have. In a simliar vein I have been taking a look at paradores in Spain with my Year 9 group. We looked at some on line stuff as well as a video for the Parador de León and we came up with a voiceover for it in Spanish. The video is below. We also looked at a video I found on You Tube for the Hotel Joyuda Plaza which is great! It’s a hotel in Puerto Rico which, of course, takes you to another part of the Spanish-speaking world, plus the language is clear and most students can pick out the main points. We are going to go on to design a video for a 7 start hotel for which they will be preparing the voiceover. I hope it works!


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