ROPA – trajes típicos y uniformes

I’m about to teach clothes to my Year 10 and have added some practice activities with cultural elements. Uniform is something we often cover in the sense of a school uniform, but there are lots of different uniforms which we can compare and describe. Also traditional dress is a further element and I have already posted an activity describing the clothes worn during the festival of San Fermín as well as flamenco dress.

In the PowerPoint below there is an activity in which the students watch a series of adverts from Spanish TV and label what clothes are being sold. Then there is an exercise in which the students predict what the uniform of a Mexican policewoman, etc will be like. Then they decide by looking at the pictures where each traditional dress comes from. You can also ask the class to describe the outfits.

POWERPOINT     ropa UNFORME TRAJE TIPICO    Grid     anuncios de ropa GRID

2 thoughts on “ROPA – trajes típicos y uniformes

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one to have the idea to show tv commercials to teach clothing vocabulary. I’d love to be able to use the video you posted in my Spanish classes, however, it won’t play for me. Do you have a link for where to find the videos? Mil gracias!

    1. I cannot upload videos for download on this blog in the same way as I can upload PowerPoints, etc. If you would like, I could try and email you the video file for the compilation of clothes adverts.

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