El pequeño Nicolás

I know that El Pequeño Nicolás is a French book and more recently a film, but I haven’t come up with a Spanish-speaking equivalent yet. So, I have used the trailers from the film which has just been released in Spain as a starting point to compare classrooms today with those from the past (hay v. había). This activity comes after the relevant vocabulary has been presented. What I like most is the trailer in which Nicolás presents his friends and even though the language is very complicated learners can still work out what is going on. If anyone can come up with a film or TV series which shows a classroom in the past in a Spanish-speaking country/community please let me know. It is probably worth pointing out the obvious – this would work well in French! Shame I’m not teaching it this year.

POWERPOINT     el aula

2 thoughts on “El pequeño Nicolás

  1. I love this film but maybe you could try ‘La lengua de las mariposas’? It’s about a boy’s relationship with his teacher during the spanish civil war – not as exciting as Petit Nicolas but definitely has those classroom scenes…
    Ps Love your resources 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Thinking about it, maybe the series “Cuéntame” (TVE) is a good equivalent. The problem may be that Spanish actors find it hard to vocalize.

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