Presenting countries

When presenting countries I now try to avoid the use of a PowerPoint to just present about 10 slides with a flag of a nation + the name of the country in Spanish. The attached PowerPoint shows lists of countries in order of popularity as holiday destinations for the Spanish and the English. I present the Spanish list asking for the English + then given them a minute to learn the spellings as a challenge. Many of the counties are cognates or are easy to work out but I really want the kids to focus on the spellings here as they are subtly different in some cases. They then try to guess what the list will be for England (thinking skills?). This is followed by another spelling challenge of one minute. If your group can cope with it you can ask them why the two lists are different which draws out some interesting discussions. It is my hope that through this approach you can really stress the importance of the spelling as well as looking at how two nations differ in their holiday destination preferences.

POWERPOINT    países

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