Barcelona hoy y Barcelona antes de los Juegos Olímpicos

I’m about to teach my Year 9 group the words needed to describe a town – adjectives like “sucio”, “limpio”, “divertido”, etc. I want to add something more cultural into the mix so I’m going to do a lesson comparing Barcelona today with the Barcelona I knew before the 1992 Olympic Games. Some key high frequency language is introduced in the present and past tenses such as “tiene cf. tenía”, “hay cf. había”, etc.  The aim is that having presented my impresssions of Barcelona they will then write up a report about this at the end of the lesson using the present and past tense expressions. I’m not going into the grammar at this point as my group will pick up the phrases very quickly and later in the year we will do the past tenses in some detail. During the plenary I want to draw some conclusions on whether the group feels that the games were a positive thing for Barcelona.

There are two videos which I embedded into the PowerPoint which are shown below.

POWERPOINT     ciudades de España BARCELONA   WORKSHEET (crossword)     CROSSWORD BARCELONA OLYMPICS     WORKSHEET (writing task)     writing task BARCELONA OLYMPICS

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