The Incas and public transport

Not an obvious link between the Incas and the teaching of transport, but one of the textbooks (Mira, I think) has an excellent exercise where it presents the Ruta Quetzal and how those taking part travel to different points. I thought that it needed some extending as most of my students have little understanding of who the Incas were and the last time I did this nobody had heard of Machu Picchu. So, the attached PowerPoint provides some background to the Incas. The first few slides are ones I explain in Spanish to provide some general backgroun. The video is from YouTube, although I’ve edited it a bit + I’ll be turning down the sound to add my own commentary in Spanish. One important point is that the group with which I am teaching this knows the terms “hay / había”, “tiene / tenía” + “es / era”, and they have encountered the word “caballo” (montar a caballo). The phrase “en las Américas no había caballos” will be easily understood by them. So, transport + the Incas!


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