A bit of culture in the present tense

I’ve put together a lesson on the present tense. It is basic and deals with everything from introducing what a verb is up to the verb endings for the three verb types in Spanish. Along the way though I have used a Mafalda cartoon although it has been adapted to use the Spanish subject pronoun “tú” rather than the Argentinian “vos”. It will all make sense when you look at the cartoon and the resources! I was thinking of putting together something to present who Mafalda is in greater detail although I don’t want to detract too much from teaching the grammar in this sequence of lessons. If I do come up with something it will be posted asap. There is also a slide of a Lorca poem which uses subject pronouns. Again, this could do with some greater explanation, but time is short!

POWERPOINT   En mi tiempo libre PRESENT TENSE  WORKSHEET thepresenttense     VERB FLOWER   verb flower

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