La guerra del fútbol

I am currently teaching the topic of sport and free time to my Year 9 group. We have been working on opinions and giving extended responses. Last lesson we did the interview with Raúl (earlier post) with a focus on understanding extended language. As a further extension of this I am going to present the group with a text about the so called football war in 1969 between Honduras and El Salvador. In the presentation I teach some key phrases and show a video in Spanish. I will be pausing this to add some of my own commentary in Spanish. This could, of course, be an activity set as homework or extension for more able students in a lesson. Hope it is of some use + I hope it goes well for me on Monday!

POWERPOINT   la guerra del fútbol   WORKSHEET   WORKSHEET el fútbol más que un deporte

One thought on “La guerra del fútbol

  1. Thank you for posting this. I’m helping my 10 year old research the story and this will help his presentation. The Spanish video is miles better. It made me want to write out a transcript!!

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