The subjunctive – thanks to Pedro Almodóvar

Over the years of trying to contextualise the teaching of the subjunctive, I developed a few resources liked to songs from the soundtracks of different Almodóvar films. This obviously provides an opportunity to listen to some music but also to take the opportunity to present who Almodóvar is.

The song “Piensa en mí” which is used in the film “Tacones Lejanos” uses the subjuctive after “cuando”. “Sufre Como Yo” uses it after “querer” (when wanting another person to do something). As well as the exercises relating to the songs, I have attached my grammar explanation sheets. My PowerPoint for introducing Almodóvar is also attached + I go on to use other resources which I may post at a future date.

POWERPOINT Piensa en mi LETRA   WORKSHEET   SUBJUNC3 introduction + CUANDO   POWERPOINT   INTRODUCCION a Pedro Almodóvar    WORKSHEET   Sufre como yo Albert Plá    WORKSHEET   SUBJUNC4 wanting and requesting    WORKSHEET   SUBJUNC7 prose trans sentences QUERER

The songs “Sufre Como Yo” (Albert Plá) + “Piensa En Mí” (Luz Casal) can be downloaded from iTunes.

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