Las 7:35 de la mañana

The short film “Las 7.35 de la mañana” was nominated for an oscar in 2004 and I have used it previously for A level, however it can be adapted for use with groups lower down the school. The obvious context is that of daily routine and the resources I have made to go with the short film suport this. I used the film at the very end of the topic as they needed to know some of the language in advance. I have not focused on developing an understanding of all of the words of the song. My aim here to to practise the language learnt in previous lessons in a new context i.e. routine + use of the preterite tense. To achieve these aims an understanding of the entire song is not necessary – students can quite easily follow the story line without needing to know what all the words mean. All of the resources are below as well as the film. You can download it from You Tube using websites such as . Click on the film poster to be taken straight to the You Tube video.

POWERPOINT   las 7 35 de la mañana POWERPOINT   WORKSHEET   worksheet   TENSES SHEET     verbs ALL TENSES

THANKS (as ever) to Rachel Hawkes et al for the prediction slide idea in my PowerPoint + for more film ideas you can go to the following link:

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