Programas de televisión

When presenting certain items of vocabulary it is practical to use examples which are familiar to your audience. This clearly facilitates the use of the target language. An example is that of television programmes. In the attached PowerPoint I give examples of programmes that will be known to my students. However, in the practice stage I do want them to consider that audiences in Spanish-speaking countries will have different programmes and tastes and in order to expose them to this I have put together some clips of different programmes which the students have to identify.

TECHNICAL POINT!!!! In my school we now use Windows 2010, so my PowerPoint is in that format. The great thing about this is being able to embed YouTube videos into slides. When you get to slide 21 you simply click on the box and it takes you to the video. You must be contected to the internet however. If this is an issue you can use sites such as to download the video yourself.  I am placing the videos I use on my YouTube page which is:

VIDEO (which is also available on

POWERPOINT: Programas de televisión   WORKSHEET: Programas de televisión WORDSEARCH + CROSSWORD higher   Programas de televisión VIDEO WORKSHEET

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