La salud y el cuerpo

Shortly I will be teaching parts of the body and ailments in Spanish. I have planned my usual trick of putting together a number of adverts from Spanish-speaking TV which all show a product related to some kind of health problem. As I’ve probably written before I love any excuse to use clips from Spanish TV just to add an element of authenticity and you often get some real cultural gems which can lead to further discussion. The compilation video is below and is on my YouTube feed –

POWERPOINT  La salud DEPORTE Y CUERPO (which contains other activities to support the teaching of the necessary vocabulary)   WORKSHEET   anuncios SALUD Y CUERPO (this accompanies the video + is in PDF format. You must have PDF installed on your computer. Furthermore we use Microsoft 2010 programmes in my school and you may need to see your ICT technician if there are issues opening the files posted.)

3 thoughts on “La salud y el cuerpo

  1. Neil Jones, you are an absolute godsend. I love your resources, you have such a creative way about how you approach various topics. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR HARD WORK WITH TEACHERS LIKE ME!

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