Pa Negre

This is a variation on an earlier post but I’ve adapted it to make a speaking activity based on the Catalan film “Pa Negre” which is the Spanish candidate for the Best Foreign Language Film at the forthcoming Academy Awards. The film is set in
north eastern Catalonia shortly after the 1936-39 Civil War, and was filmed in Catalan. I think that this all makes for some interesting cultural information when teaching the topic of film.

In the activity the students have to work in pairs to guess what the film is about. Person A thinks about what their version would be + person B guesses. If Person B gets one element wrong then he/she has to go back and start again. They can then swap over. (Thanks to Rachel Hawkes who first made me aware of the template for that activity). After watching the trailer (dubbed into Spanish) they get to see a text which is challenging but which they use to work out who got the most accurate prediction. Nect they come up with the correct film summary and add an opinion.

POWERPOINT:   Pa Negre (NB. For the trailer embedded into the PPT to work you must be connected to the internet)

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