What will Daniel Retuerta do now?

Daniel Retuerta played the character of Roque in the Spanish TV series El Internado www.antena3.com/series/el-internado/. I have used this series to contextualise certain activities such as discussing school uniform (as a private school it has one) and for an activity where students had to imagine what happened in yesterday’s episode + what will happen in the next one. The series has now finished and I used Daniel Retuerta for a reading activity in which he reflects on what he will do next. This could fit into the topic of freetime or future plans. The reading activity is in a grid which is copied on to card and then cut up. The students then answer the questions as in any normal reading comprehension, but they have to search a bit harder to find the answers instead of just following the chronological order of the text. I guide the students by saying they should first look for key words which could match the question and then they should look for detail. This leads to an further activity where students have to write a paragraph outlining their own plans for the coming weekend.


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