La fe y la religión (A level)

I haven’t really posted much on here for A level. Attached is a presentation on the area of religion and faith. I made it for my A2 group. It is a large presentation + you can take from it what you want. It starts with me trying to distinguish between things like supersticion, belief and faith. I am no RE teacher, so my attempt may be clumsy.

The listening activity on superstitions came from the fantastic website which is a constant source of amazing material. The listening “La religión en España” was made by Laura Ruiz Calatrava – together with Irene at my school they are amazing colleagues who put together some great resources for me to use. The reading comprehension “El velo – ¿sí o no?” which is in the PowerPoint is great but not my own. It was made by  Fiona Radcliffe and is posted on the website.  The video activities, with the exception of the Ratoncito Pérez trailer which is below, are embedded + you need to be connected to the internet for them to work. You’ll also need YouTube to work at your school. It’s blocked in some places.

The resources are hopefully self-explanatory. If the A level stuff is of use, let me know + I’ll keep posting these things.

If you are interested in other A level Spanish links there is the excellent by Glen Smith –

PRESENTATION:  la religión 1  WORKSHEETS:  A2 Examination Reading on religion  Eres Supersticioso   martes 13

2 thoughts on “La fe y la religión (A level)

  1. Hi Neil

    The velo resource comes from my site and was originally made by my colleague Fiona Radcliffe, and it is on my site with her permission.

    Thanks for putting up a great set of resources with this post and your previous one. I’ve passed it on to my department to use!


    Aka @spanishsam

    1. I will acknowledge the “velo” work. Thanks for sharing. Hope you don’t mind the repost. I see my “Guerra Civil” booklet is on your site. Amazing how our resources move around. It’s great!

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