Incendios forestales (A level)

The attached resources are within the topic of the environment which also serves as a context for presenting the imperative in Spanish. It starts with the presentation of some key vocabulary and this is followed by the presentation of some of the main causes of forest fires. The imperative presentation is nothing special, but it is difficult to dress up. However, slide 38 is an activity for which you photocopy the “Card vocab activity” (below) back to back (English one side + Spanish on the other). The students test one another showing either the Spanish or the English + the other person provides the translation. They seem to enjoy doing that. The videos are embedded + you need to be linked to the internet for them to work.

PRESENTATION:  incendios forestales PRESENTATION  RESOURCES: Incendios forestales CARD VOCAB ACTIVITY EN EL MONTE CUALQUIER CERILLA   Incendios forestales crisscross EN EL MONTE CUALQUIER CERILLA   THE IMPERATIVE my worksheet   Un incendio forestal ANTENA 3   Vocabulario

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