América Latina (A level)

This PowerPoint is part of a series I have made focusing on Latin America. The idea was to visit a number of countries focusing on different aspects of culture and contemporary life. In our “visit” to Colombia we look at the Hay Festival de Cartagena de Indias as well as Juanes. Along the way there is some grammar including the imperative, subjunctive and pronouns.

The presentation starts with students saying what they know about Colombia + clarifying where the country is situated. This moves to presenting the Hay Festival de Cartagena de Indias followed by a listening activity from the Spanish Newsbites website – . This website is a great source of listening material + comes with a transcript for each mp3 recording as well as vocabulary. This leads to a discussion about reading. Next there is a jump to look at a news report about Juanes winning some Grammies. The news report is embedded into the PowerPoint. Although not on the PowerPoint I then worked on the song “A Dios le pido” (resources below – although you will have to download the song from iTunes, etc. ). This leads to work on grammar + a translation which could be set as homework.

POWERPOINT: Colombia  MP3: for the resources relating to the Hay Festival de Cartagena de Indias listening please go to   RESOURCESEl Hay Festival de Cartagena de Indias LISTENING  Speaking LECTURA  A Dios Le Pido WORKSHEET  Juanes lucha por los Derechos Humanos  pronouns REFLEXIVE and OBJECT PRONOUNS related to the Juanes song 


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