La mujer y el mundo laboral (A level)

The PowerPoint below focuses on the world of work but from the female perspective. There is some basic revision of chores which links to a news item which the students have to summarise in English. On each of the video slides the video item is embedded + should work by clicking on the video. You must be connected to the internet for this to work. These two slides work as follows: Click once for the countdown at the top of the screen. Students memorise the vocabulary listed. Click again + the vocabulary is covered + the students have to write out the list accurately from memory. Click on the video + play + the students prepare a summary in English. The first video is followed by a worksheet which involves reading comprehension + a translation. After a further video summary there is a translation into Spanish.

POWERPOINT: la mujer PRESENTATION macro new version   WORKSHEETS: Las mujeres en España READING las mujeres están en todo   READING las mujeres vascas cobran

3 thoughts on “La mujer y el mundo laboral (A level)

  1. I have just used your resources for my Year 13 class.They loved it. Thanks ever so much for sharing your resources; you are helping us a lot!

  2. Hello, I really want to use this resource with my 6th year class (Ireland) but the videos don’t seem to work. Could you provide a youtube link to them? I think your resources are excellent and would like to take the opportunity to thank you for providing them – muchas gracias!

    1. I just tried + the videos work. They are embedded + you have to be connected to the internet. However, the links are:

      Hope this helps.

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