Los pingüinos de Madagascar – una misión navideña

I used this last year with a top set Year 9 group. I showed the film before doing the activities. I explained that they would find it very difficult to understand but what I wanted was for them to watch and get a general idea of what happens in the story. The film lasts about 12 minutes. I followed this with the activities on the PowerPoint. The memorisation activity at the start gives them the opportunity to learn some key words then you  go through what happens in the film expressed in simpler language. Finally comes the blanked text activity based on what they had just seen on the slides. Hope this is of use to someone! ¡Feliz navidad!

POWERPOINT: LOS PINGUINOS DE MADAGASCAR (older PPT version) LOS PINGUINOS DE MADAGASCAR ppt (newer PPT version)  WORKSHEETS: los pinguinos WITH GAPS   los pinguinos

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