Beyoncé and the imperfect subjunctive

The resources below are ones which I have used to teach the imperfect subjunctive + the conditional tense. As the song “Si yo fuera un chico” can be easily translated by many students it is a good way of quickly teaching this structure. The presentation, as you can see, goes on to look at “chuletas” + whether you would ever copy in an exam. The listening exercise on “chuletas” comes from the amazing Notes in Spanish website although I have only used the last part of this particular podcast – . I used to use this site a lot especially at the advanced level although I am no longer sure whether they are updating it.

In the PowerPoint the only embedded video is that of Carme Chacón revealing the “chuleta” on her hand – hardly essential, but it’s there in case you want to show it. As ever, the videos are from YouTube + you have to be connected to the internet for them to work.

The Beyoncé video has to be watched on the YouTube site itself due to copywrite laws. You click on the link on the relevant slide.

POWERPOINT: the imperfect subjunctive + conditional CHULETAS  WORKSHEETS: Si yo fuera un chico BLANKS  Si yo fuera un chico   The Imperfect Subjunctive   SUBJUNCK si COMPLETE THE SENTENCES   SUBJUNCL intro to the imperfect subj   the conditional tense   A2 listening practice las chuletas   Aquí copia hasta el apuntador

2 thoughts on “Beyoncé and the imperfect subjunctive

  1. Ha, this is a really great way of teaching the always-fiendish imperfect subjunctive! I’ll totally use it in my classes in the future. Very much appreciated.

    All the best,
    Monica : )

  2. Hi Neil,
    I love your website.
    I have just recommended you onTwitter as a course presenter for Spanish GCSE and A level.
    Hope that’s okay. Will be in touch soon about another project,

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