I thought that I should share some of the links that I love + from which I get loads of ideas. Top of the list has to be which will be familiar to many MFL teachers in the UK. The great thing is the vast range of resources Rachel shares. Amazing!

Another favourite is which has some beautiful resources.

2 thoughts on “USEFUL LINKS

  1. Good morning,
    I absolutely love your site! It’s amazing! Thank you for sharing all these brilliant ideas and resources with us. I currently teach Spanish 1 in the USA. Like the previous comment, I didn’t see contact information on the site. I had a few questions regarding the language levels in the UK and how they correspond with the US levels. If you have time, I would love “to chat” via email.
    Thank you in advance for your time!

  2. Good Afternoon,

    I happened to find your website whilst looking for resources for Spanish Learners and I would like to offer you a couple of links.
    The links belong to a larger website (, but I wonder whether the sections below would be of interest:

    Spanish Recipes: :
    Cooking/Food Glossary :

    Not sure whether these would really be a useful resource for your visitors, but I thought I would pass them on just in case you felt they may be useful to include in your “useful links” section.

    Sorry for contacting via a comment: I couldn’t see a “contact” link on the site.

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