I have taken to giving my GCSE Spanish group a vocabulary booklet as we start each topic. Some of them are keen and like to look ahead + they like to use them for reference in the lessons. As my group this year is quite able, the booklets are for GCSE Higher level. We use the AQA examination board at my school for Spanish, so I have been through their syllabus and listed everything for the topics we have been working on. There are additions as well as some grammar sections. As I move to further topics I will post the booklets. They haven’t been made yet! Hopefully this will be of use to someone. Please let me know.

In addition we have talked at length about memorisation techniques, mostly in the context of learning for the speaking assessments i.e. chunks of language rather than just vocabulary. We got the drama teacher in to provide us with some advice given that in this subject area they have to learn lines. Their techniques should be directly applicable to preparation for the GCSE controlled assessments for speaking. Below is a video which may be of interest. I think some of the ideas are very relevant to vocabulary learning.


5 thoughts on “Vocabulary

  1. Although I do edexcel – I would love to have your vocab booklets. Your resources are always fantastic. Thanks for offering to share.

  2. Hi, Neil

    I always give my students the key vocab that they need at the start of the topic, and then we often make games cards with them. This then means that the activities we do in the forthcoming weeks are easier to work with if the vocab is familiar. Thanks for sharing your booklets – very helpful!

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