AS EdExcel Unit 2 Section C

The title of the post says it all! This resource is VERY exam focused. My AS group have been struggling with the written section of the examination in which they have to write between 200-220 words relating to a stimulus text addressing four or more bullet points listed. This is with the EdExcel exam board. The booklet below is produced with this task in mind with lots of examples as well as some recap on grammar and useful language. This will probably only be of interest to a small group of people, but this part of the exam carries a lot of points, so I want my students to do their best and hopefully practice will make perfect!


4 thoughts on “AS EdExcel Unit 2 Section C

  1. Mil gracias por compartir.You have now inspired me to try and create a similar resource for A2.If I can get my act together will email you a copy.Always find revision sessions harder as they can lack a bit of structure but this is great!

      1. My lot seem to find the listening part the hardest.Don’t know if you have noticed but there is always a question with a famous Sp speaker.I get my students to watch a bit of as revision and they seem to quite enjoy it!Thanks again Neil 🙂

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