El futuro y el matrimonio

I am preparing a lesson on future plans and as part of this I want to get my students to consider their thoughts on marriage. As gay marriage has been in the news in the UK I though it would be interesting to raise awareness of the fact that gay marriage has been in place in Argentina since 2010. I then go on to get students to read through a variety of opinions on marriage in general saying whether they agree or disagree. This thinking skills activity should be copied on to card + cut up. In turn these activities lead to a lesson where they give me their plans for the future.

In the 1st slide I get the students to come up with ideas to describe the picture which is actually in the cathedral inside the mezquita de Córdoba. We then consider different types of marriage before I present gay marriage in Argentina with the video. The video is below + on YouTube. This is followed by the task where they read different situations + give their opinions. This is for a top set Year 10 group.


POWERPOINT: Mis planes para el futuro PPT   OPINIONS ACTIVITYTHINKING SKILLS ACTIVITY casarse o no casarse


5 thoughts on “El futuro y el matrimonio

  1. Hello,
    These resources are really useful for my very bright GCSe Dual Language group who love a good debate! Thank you for posting them. Very inspiring!

    1. Thanks! It’s great to know that the things I post get used. I don’t hear back from people that often so it’s nice to know that the blog is worth doing.

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