El futuro de los jóvenes españoles

The resources in this post are an extension of an earlier post on future plans – https://mfljones.wordpress.com/2012/01/16/que-hara-el-gato/ . I want to get my class to think about future planning from the point of view of young people in Spain today where youth unemployment is at almost 50%. The PowerPoint has a video exercise which I realise is very difficulty but the main purpose of it is to get a general sense of the pessimism that exists and to point out the high rate of unemployment. The video is available below + on YouTube. In slide 1 it is interesting to point out how the unemployment rate in Spain compares to other countries in Europe. This is all followed by a reading activity which is based on real statistics drawn from a recent survey carried out in Spain.

POWERPOINT:  el futuro para los jóvenes españoles   WORKSHEET: El futuro y los jóvenes españoles

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