El acoso escolar

This is intended for A level + I will be using it shortly with my A2 group in preparation for the forthcoming examinations. It is revision of an earlier topic but my aim is to reinforce language related to discrimination, etc. I also aim to get them to discuss the issues and to use subjunvtive phrases as far as possible in preparation for prose translation and for their own essay writing technique. The essay title “¿Por qué rechazamos a cierta gente? En tu opinión, ¿qué medidas se deben tomar para que no exista la intolerancia?” clearly relates to more than bullying, but the language covered in the lesson should give them some support in writing their own response to this essay title.

The PowerPoint starts with some pictures which are intended for debate + trying to get the students to identify the issue. As usual the videos are embedded but if they do not work when you download the PPT, the videos are posted below. As I have pointed out in other posts, for embedded video to work you need the latest version of Windows.

POWERPOINT: acoso escolar     WORKSHEETCrear matones y cómplices

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