SER o ESTAR …. esa es la cuestión

I have been putting together resources to teach about character / describing people. Inevitably this leads to some work on SER + ESTAR. Attached to this post is the PowerPoint with the resources leading up to the point where I tackle the two verbs for TO BE. My aim is for the students to be able to put together a description of a friend + what a good friend should be like. Included is a cartoon from Quino which I want the students to explain to me – that will be a challenge to them! I had considered doing something with the Toy Story song and the Simpsons clip (videos below), but they aren’t the ideal clips I was looking for and I really should push on with the topic. I have not had a great deal of luck finding any decent YouTube resources to support this part of the topic. Hope this post is of use to someone!

POWERPOINT: descripciones carácter WORKSHEETS: Descripciones WORDGAMES Descripciones XWORD listos WORDS Mi mejor amigo READING higher version SER worksheet Ser y Estar

2 thoughts on “SER o ESTAR …. esa es la cuestión

  1. Thank you for sharing such wonderful resources. Often I look at your resources which are really helpful in themselves and also for giving excellent ideas which I adapt according to my students. I know it’s such a naff word but my students really do find them engaging. Do you also use textbooks? I would really appreciate your expereince/judgement – we’ve been using Mira – moving on to Viva. Have you used Viva?

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