España: el país de la fiesta, la siesta, ¡y de Iniesta!

This post is an extension of earlier work I’ve done on festivals in Spain. My Year 10 group are quite able so I am having to up the level of language to challenge them. The aim here is to prepare them for the GCSE Higher Reading paper in which the topic of festivals has come up a few times.

The resources give an overview of some of the main festivals in Spain. I start by showing a video that I shot in Córdoba last year + I explain that some festivals are more overtly religious in nature than others and this is followed by a compilation video I put together showing a few different examples. The aim is to watch and just take in what they see. Next is the crossword to build up some vocabulary needed to do the reading task. I am going to copy this on to card + cut up rather than present on one page. They finally have to link the picture to the festival and describe three examples in English.

The videos are posted below + are embedded in the PowerPoint. If this does not work the links to the videos are in the PowerPoint + you should just click on the link to go to the relevant YouTube video.

I developed these resources from an excellent powerpoint posted by María Collado on and on the TES resource page. The direct link to the resource is . Thanks María!

POWERPOINT: Fiestas de España WORKSHEETS: Las Fiestas CARD ACTIVITY crossword Las Fiestas CARD ACTIVITY

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