Los protegidos, demonstrative adjectives, QUEDAR and clothes!

The resources in this post relate to language within the topic of fashion. By this point I will have taught clothes, colours, etc. My aim is to teach the use of the verb QUEDAR as well as demonstrative adjectives. As part of this I am using a clip from a programme on Antena 3 called Los Protegidos. The clip brings together the language covered and provides a bit of a cultural context.

POWERPOINT: ME QUEDA BIEN WORKSHEETS: Qué ropa te queda mejor  This and that VIDEO worksheet

8 thoughts on “Los protegidos, demonstrative adjectives, QUEDAR and clothes!

  1. Your resources are fantastic. My dual linguists will love this. Your creativity and generosity in sharing are much appreciated. I have recently used your Ice Hotel resource and the one on marriage to great effect with my classes.
    Thank you!

  2. The lesson you put together worked brilliantly with my year 10s and now they are keen to watch more clips of Los Protegidos in class. Thanks so much for this and others that I have used!

  3. Excellent resources, as usual! Thank you very much for sharing this with all the teachers of Spanish.

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