¡Ay, Carmela! – Research Based Essay

This post will be of very restricted interest, as it relates to the research based essay which forms part of the EdExcel A2 examination.

Those of us teaching A Level Spanish in England and Wales using the EdExcel board, we have to prepare students to write an essay in the exam on a chosen cultural topic. I have been teaching the film ¡Ay, Carmela! by Carlos Saura. I love this film because of its cultural depth and the fast array of things that students can learn from it. In a site I created a few years ago I have already posted a variety of resources to support teaching this film (on an old blog which now seems to have disappeared but I see my resources sometimes on the mflresources forum), but here I want to share some exemplar essays I have produced to help students get an idea of the sort of thing they should write as well as the PowerPoint I use. They are not prefect by any stretch of the imagination, but they provide some extra support + hopefully someone else might find them useful sometime. The video clips are hopefully embedded in the PPT – I cannot post them on YouTube for copyright reasons.

POWERPOINT¡Ay, Carmela! EXAMPLE ESSAYSRBE el concierto nacionalista EXAMPLE OF ESSAY   RBE mujer EXAMPLE OF ESSAY   RBE música EXAMPLE OF ESSAY   RBE protagonista EXAMPLE OF ESSAY    RBE tema y relevancia hoy EXAMPLE OF ESSAY

2 thoughts on “¡Ay, Carmela! – Research Based Essay

  1. Many thanks. I teach Ay Carmela as part of the AQA cultural topics, and I have found your ideas very useful indeed!

    1. If you have any resources you would like to share please let me know. It is always useful to see how other people approach teaching the cultural topic.

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