La Guerra Civil Española + Franco

As I am about to start teaching the cultural topic to the AS Spanish group I thought I would share the resources in case anyone else is doing the same. I think that everything should be self-explanatory although the videos may have to be embedded into the PowerPoints or you can just use the YouTube links I have posted on the relevant pages. My aim here to give an overview of who Franco was and the importance the Civil War and the resulting dictatorship for today’s Spain. I am only including the section of the work in this post that is relevant to the figure of Franco and el franquismo.

POWERPOINT: As the files are too large to be posted on this blog, you can download them from the following links: / / /

WORKSHEETSQué significa Franco para los jóvenes  Qué significa Franco para los jóvenes TEXT  la España de Franco VIDEO SHEET  GRID verbs ALL TENSE ENDINGS  Franco worksheet CHARACTER based on texts  Franco texts SCANS FROM NEWSPAPERS  Franco TEXT  Franco listening auth marzo abril 1996  Franco text questions  El Gobierno retira la estatua ecuestre de Franco en Madrid  EL FRANQUISMO reading WORKSHEET    transcript AUTHENTIK marzo abril 1996 la opinión de dos jóvenes

8 responses to “La Guerra Civil Española + Franco

  1. Hi there, thank you for these incredible resources! They are absolutely great! Do you teach La Casa de Bernarda Alba by chance?

  2. Hello. Thank you for these resources they are great. I am just a bit confised as to where to find the video for the worksheet titles, “La vida de Francisco Franco – Video”. Could you advise please? Thank you.

  3. Encarna Marza Porcar

    Thank you so much for this! Great resources and fantastic job as always. Thanks for sharing

  4. Paloma Villegas

    Hey, Neil! Me encantan las hojas de trabajo. Muchas gracias!

  5. Fantastic resources again, and so generous of you as always, to share them
    Thank you

  6. Yes, that would be great! My email is

  7. Another fab resource!Thank you so much.I have made an A2 Revision booklet which I made for my A2 students just gone.Would you like a copy?

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