Los muebles – la República Dominicana

The attached resources are for presenting furniture in Spanish. There is a lot of vocabulary here and a lot of reinforcement is needed. I will be using the Task Magic programme which is great for vocabulary games. To add a brief cultural element to the presentation I have drawn attention to the IKEA catalogue for the Dominican Republic in the interest of highlighting the many countries where Spanish is spoken. Before telling them this I get them to try and guess where this IKEA stores is using slides 6 + 7. This is a difficult task but to be honest the guessing of countries is what I want for a bit of revision. The clue is obviously the fact that the prices are listed in $. This narrows it down a bit. I then point out that in Spain the IKEA catalogue is available in regional languages. I don’t dwell on this too much as I want to get on with the aim of the lesson which is to embed the vocabulary to then go on to look at prepositions – al lado de, entre, detrás de, etc. I have only included the vocabulary section of the presentation.

POWERPOINT: http://www.slideshare.net/njones40/los-muebles-higher

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