¿De compras en una plaza de toros?

The resources in this post are linked to teaching about a town / city. Apologies for the fact that in the PowerPoint I have had to delete some slides e.g. Boardworks. You’ll have to buy these yourself – I’d really recommend them. Nevertheless, from presenting vocabulary we move to talking about what you used to have in your area and what facilities you would like to have. This provides an opportunity to mention Las Arenas in Barcelona which is an old bullring that is now a shopping centre. This clearly reflects changing attitudes in this region of Spain. There is also a link to a video from Yabla which I love where a comparison is made between San Sebastián and Barcelona. Hopefully all of this will make much more sense when you take a look at the PowerPoint.

POWERPOINT: http://www.slideshare.net/njones40/mi-ciudad-14180366 WORKSHEET: Crossword places in town HIGHER

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