Las aulas del mundo

I saw an item on The Guardian website and thought that it would be a great starting point for a resource comparing schools across the world. The resource I have put together is a thinking skills activity and requires printing on to card (I would print out the activity as 2 pages to 1). This then needs to be cut up. The PowerPoint really explains what to do and the overall focus is on improving reading skills. Firstly the students have to read the texts for gist / key words and match them to the photos. This is followed by a reading for detail task. As I have a top GCSE set this year the resource is aimed at higher ability. Nevertheless, the PowerPoint starts with an introduction to the Instituto de Educación Secundaria El Fontanal in Lebrija, Andalucía and the Spanish needed to describe a school which could be used for other groups. I love the video the students made and this is posted below. It is great for our students to see what a Spanish school really looks like and to then go on to the reading task to look at classrooms across the globe and some of the interesting facts that emerge. Thanks to Irene, as ever, for your help putting this together. Gracias.


9 thoughts on “Las aulas del mundo

  1. I LOVE this activity and used it in my novice classes this week. My students are using it as inspiration to make an intro video of our school here in the US. Like my friend Kara above, we could investigate sharing the product if you would be interested.

    There is one error–the school from the US is in St. Louis, not Detroit, according to the original text on the Guardian site.

    1. I think we have a lot to learn from one another as teachers of Spanish in the UK and the States. I’ve tended to focus on Spain in my teaching – for obvious reasons – and contact with teachers across the Atlantic has really given me lots of ideas. Would love to collaborate!

  2. Brilliant resource. Just completed it with my year 10’s. Far more interesting than a text book! Thank you very much 🙂

  3. I will defInitely be using the matching pictures and photos activity! I saw this photo link and your activity will be great for novice learners. I’m going to have the students take a photo and describe our school in Spanish. Is there anyway we could all share our school photo/description with each other? twitter??

  4. This might be a good Friday activity. I have a conversation activity currently only syllabus, but we can talk about this as well.

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