¿Qué te gusta más de tu ciudad?

I have mentioned in earlier posts that I have a top set Year 11. I am trying to push them to cover as much higher level vocabulary as possible building upon what they did in earlier years. In this lesson I am revising and extending their knowledge of places in the town or countryside. From this I quickly revise the verb IR before moving on to look at how you can give opinions about your area. There is a reading task which then moves to a video activity. This is from an advert to promote Madrid as a tourist destination. The Real Madrid players give their opinions of the city. After watching this and working out what they have said, we work on putting our own answers together building upon language we have covered in previous lessons. This may be of interest to others if only for the video and adapting this to other levels of ability.

POWERPOINT: http://www.slideshare.net/njones40/mi-ciudad-higher    WORKSHEETS: crossword places in town HIGHER  Reading ENTREVISTAS mi barrio HIGHER   MADRID video listening sheet

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