Telediario a la carta – listening comprehension

There is a wealth of news items on Spanish television websites which fit nicely into a number of A level topics. They also provide an opportunity for students to hear authentic Spanish and in many cases to learn something about Spanish society. Each week I am posting a video on the school MLE (Managed Learning Environment – we use Fronter) which I am asking my students to watch and then to complete a summary sheet. This sheet is generic and they use the same one each time. The videos are from a YouTube page (click to be taken to the site) with a wide variety of news and cultural items presented. As this is authentic, fluent Spanish it can be a challenge but the aim is to get the overview + to pick out key vocabulary. As this is a weekly task, students will build up a wide range of vocabulary over time and hopefully will become more confident at listening comprehension.

TASK SHEET: Telediario a la carta

3 responses to “Telediario a la carta – listening comprehension

  1. Great idea!Have you looked at too?Got listening activities linked to Spanish press that get progressively harder and then students can access the transcript!

  2. Thanks for this, Neil. I do something similar with a listening log, but hadn’t thought to do it with videos. I will use this instead! Looking forward to seeing you soon

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