The Present Continuous with Shakira + Piqué

The resources below are for the presentation + practice of the present progressive in Spanish. Following the presentation of the grammar and some time spent on spelling changes and reflexive verbs in the present progressive the focus is on practice. The video of Shakira and Piqué (now a long-standing couple + expecting their first child) is there as a cultural element. I ask the students to imagine that they are the paparazzi shouting out what is happening at each particular moment in the frenzy of getting pictures. I pause the video at various points to ask what is happening. On a technical point, you may prefer to embed the video yourself in the PowerPoint. The videos are below. The PowerPoint then goes on to present some verbs which will be needed to gain some understanding of the lyrics of the Shakira song “Estoy Aquí” which is then used for further practice of the present continous. Everything is rounded off with students having to describe what is happening in a scene on a beach. I have included another scene in the PowerPoint although this would require some presentation of the verbs needed to describe the picture in depth.


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