MyRoe Spanish Corner – useful link

I like to use video for listening activities wherever possible although finding suitable material can be difficult.  The following link has short videos on a variety of GCSE topics – I presume that the YouTube site is linked to the University of Roehampton. I like the fact that they also provide transcripts of the extract below each video. Below is one extract I will be using in order to reinforce use of the conditional in Spanish.

3 thoughts on “MyRoe Spanish Corner – useful link

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for your fantastic presentation today. I was the mad person at the beginning who asked you to take a look at my blog. Sorry for being pushy! I love your blog and have used many of your resources – they are so good! Thanks again and I am sure you will have inspired more of my Department to be using your ideas and resources.
    Jane Croft

  2. Good morning! Thanks for the helpful link. Have you seen this site? They also use video and provide transcripts, but my favorite part for novice learners is that for each topic there is a “simplified” example. In this sample, they speak much more deliberately and the language has been scripted. In the other samples there is a diverse pool of native speakers from a wide range of countries.

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